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From: x z (hzmonte_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-06-25 03:11:16

>From: "x z" <hzmonte_at_[hidden]>>
>To recapture, I am running on a network of 4 Sun Ultra/Blade100 machines
>with Solaris 7. I was not able to run certain testing programs in BLACS.
>Now I have just installed LAM 6.5.9, as suggested by Jeff Squyres, with
>gcc and f77 as the underlying compilers. When I installed Lam and
>"configured" it, I did not change any of the configure switches, that is, I
>simply typed "./configure --prefix=...."
>I am not able to compile two of the BLACS testing programs:

Question: How can I tell Lam to use g77?

When I installed 6.5.9, I did not specify any configure switches. And when
I ran mpicc -showme, the system responds with "gcc ....."; when i ran mpif77
-showme, the system responds with "f77 ....." Therefore I suspect that I
was compiling the lam source code with gcc and was using gcc and Sun's f77
as the underlying compiler. And according to the Lam Installation Guide,
mixing compilers from different vendors is no good. So, i did the
installation a second time. This time I did it on a SunBlade100 with
Solaris 8. I did a "configure --prefix --with-fc=g77". Part of the output
checking if want FORTRAN support... yes
checking for g77... g77
checking g77 external naming convention... FORTRANDOUBLEUNDERSCORE
*** Warning: Releases of GCC earlier than version 3.0 cannot reliably
*** create self contained shared libraries on Solaris systems, without
*** introducing a dependency on libgcc.a. Therefore, libtool is disabling
*** -no-undefined support, which will at least allow you to build shared
*** libraries. However, you may find that when you link such libraries
*** into an application without using GCC, you have to manually add
*** `gcc --print-libgcc-file-name` to the link command. We urge you to
*** upgrade to a newer version of GCC. Another option is to rebuild your
*** current GCC to use the GNU linker from GNU binutils 2.9.1 or newer.

When I did a "make", part of the output says:
Making all in f77

When I did a mpif77, the system responds:
f77 -I/home/lam6.5.9/include -L/home/lam6.5.9/lib -llammpio -lpmpi
-llamf77mpi -lmpi -llam -lsocket -lnsl -laio

Therefore, it appears lam is still using Sun's f77 as the Fortran compiler.
How can I tell it to use g77? And for taht matter, how can I tell it to use
Sun's cc instead of gcc? Using teh config switch --with-cc=cc?

Also, there seems to be an environmnet variable called HOSTTYPE in my system
that says HOSTTYPE=SUN4. But when I set up my BLACS installation, I used
the include file Bmake.SUN4SOL2 instead of Bmake.SUN4. Does it make a
difference? I am no system admin, I really do not know the difference
between the two. I guess SUN4SOL2 would be closer to Solaris 7/8.

Many thanks for any help.

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