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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-14 15:59:37

The LAM Team from the Open Systems Lab at Indiana University is
pleased to announce the release of LAM/MPI version 7.1.3.

This release fixes many bugs and updates the configure/build system
to support recent versions of common compilers. The list of changes,
fixes, and improvements is too long for this e-mail; see the
following URL for a summary:

LAM source tarballs, RHEL 4 RPMs, and an OS X Tiger/10.4 package
(featuring a Universal binary), are available from the LAM/MPI main
web site (and will be available on the mirrors shortly): http://

Version 7.1.2 is expected to be among the last -- if not the last --
release of LAM/MPI. The LAM Team is actually comprised of dedicated
Open MPI Team members spending spare time maintaining the LAM code
base and assembling releases to support the existing LAM user base.
Although the LAM Team will do its best to fix critical bugs and
answer questions on the public mailing lists, please be aware that we
are spending 99% of our time on the next generation open source MPI
implementation: Open MPI (

   Brian Barrett
   LAM/MPI developer and all around nice guy
   Have a LAM/MPI day: